How to Take a Screenshot on Google Pixel (2 Ways)

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Google Pixel is a phone that was developed by Google with outstanding camera features. Besides, Google Pixel also has many advantages such as unlimited storage of photos and videos or Google Assistant, Pixel Launcher, etc.

Google Pixel is genuinely a great Android device; however, you are wondering how to take a screenshot on Google Pixel? It’s not much different from taking a screenshot on Pixel with other Android devices; we will guide you through all the steps and bring you other alternative screenshot methods.

How to Take a Screenshot on Google Pixel

The screenshot is an amazing and necessary feature for every smart device, from iOS devices to Android ones. It’s so convenient that you can capture anything you see on the screen; not like the old days before when you had to take another camera to take a shot. Of course, Google Pixel also supports the screenshot feature, and this is the way to do it.

Using the Power and Volume button

  1. Go to the screen you want to capture. You don’t have to close any other applications or websites.
  2. Hold Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously, then release your hands from the buttons at the same time.
  3. You will see a quick flicker and hear a clicking noise, which means you have taken a screenshot successfully. If you are in silent mode, you can check whether a small picture appears in the notification bar or not.

Google Pixel screenshot

Hold the Power and Volume Down button

Using your voice

Some people find it hard to hold two hard buttons simultaneously, or some have a problem with their phone’s buttons. Knowing this problem, Google has added a special feature “Google Assistant” to help you capture your screen using your voice. Follow these steps exactly to use it.

  1. To turn on the Google Assistant, hold the home button for a couple of seconds, or slide up the bottom of the phone’s edges.
  2. The interface of Google Assistant will show up. Find and select the Microphone icon. Say “take a screenshot” to order the system to capture the screen.


After finishing the screenshot, you will see the small image icon on the notification bar; the icon offers you two options: to share or delete.

If you choose “share,” you can upload your photo or edit the screenshot. If you don’t select any options, the system will automatically delete your image.

To take a screenshot on your device, you can either use the Share or Delete buttons, or you can use the voice feature. To use the voice feature, make sure that the “use screen context” and “Voice match” features are turned on. Now, would you like to check your shot? Here is the way to open and edit your screenshot.

Google Pixel screenshot

Check Screenshot

To open and view screenshots, follow these steps:

  • Open the Google Photos app.
  • Click the three dash lines icons in the top left corner of the screen.
  • Select Device folders, then tab on the Screenshots folder.
  • Now, your Screenshot photos can be seen. You can select to edit or share screenshots via social networks.

Fix the screenshot cannot be captured error

Few of the people have reported their phones cannot take a screenshot, although they have followed all steps correctly. Usually, the error comes out when the Pixel appears an announcement: “Your phone couldn’t capture the screenshot.”

take a screenshot on Google Pixel

To solve this problem, you can follow four methods below

  1. Check the updates: There is a chance that you haven’t gotten the new updates yet. The latest patch can help you fix the issue.
  2. Close other apps on the background: Too many apps working on the background can reduce excess your Ram, which makes it difficult to take a screenshot. So back to the home screen and close all the apps, then try again.
  3. Check the storage: The storage is full is one of the reasons that can stop the screenshot process. Go to Settings > Storage to check. If there is no room for the new data, then you have to delete some photos or apps to create some extra space. If you don’t want to lose your photos, then we suggest you should upload them to a cloud service like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.
  4. Rename the screenshot folder: For some reason, your Pixel cannot find the right folder destination, so change the screenshot folder to solve the problem.


You have gone through the process of how to take a screenshot on Google Pixel, as well as all tips to solve the “screenshot” problem. Now you can follow our instruction and try to take a pic. If your friends are also struggling with their screenshot on Google Pixel, please share this article with them.

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